Accepted Papers

Regular Papers
  1. Xavier Bultel, Ashley Fraser, and Elizabeth A. Quaglia. Improving the Efficiency of Report and Trace Ring Signatures
  2. Pritam Goswami, Avisek Sharma, Satakshi Ghosh, and Buddhadeb Sau. Time Optimal Gathering of Myopic Robots on an Infinite Triangular Grid
  3. Leo Robert, Pascal Lafourcade, Daiki Miyahara, and Takaaki Mizuki. Card-Based ZKP Protocol for Nurimisaki
  4. Rasha Faqeh, André Martin, Valerio Schiavoni, Pramod Bhatotia, Pascal Felber, and Christof Fetzer. Capacity Planning for Dependable Services
  5. Laurent Feuilloley, Pegah Pournajafi, Marco Caoduro, Jean-Florent Raymond, Jonathan Narboni, and Virgina Ardévol Martínez. Lower bound for constant-size local certification
  6. Omar Darwich, Ahmet-Sefa Ulucan, Quentin Bramas, Anaïs Durand, Pascal Lafourcade, and Anissa Lamani. Perpetual Torus Exploration by Myopic Luminous Robots
  7. Romaric Duvignau, Michel Raynal, and Elad Michael Schiller. Self-stabilizing Byzantine Fault-tolerant Repeated Reliable Broadcast
  8. Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier, Michel Raynal, and Mouna Safir. Optimal Algorithms for Synchronous Byzantine k-Set Agreement
  9. Anaïs Durand, Michel Raynal, and Gadi Taubenfeld. Reaching Consensus in the Presence of Contention-Related Crash Failures
  10. John Augustine, Wahid Gulzar Bhat, and Sandip Nair. Plateau: A Secure and Scalable Overlay Network for Large Distributed Trust Applications
  11. Costas Busch, Bogdan S. Chlebus, Maurice Herlihy, Miroslav Popovic, Pavan Poudel, and Gokarna Sharma. Flexible Scheduling of Transactional Memory on Trees
  12. Barun Gorain, Partha Sarathi Mandal, Kaushik Mondal, and Supantha Pandit. Collaborative Dispersion by Silent Robots
  13. Jakub Sliwinski, Yann Vonlanthen, and Roger Wattenhofer. Consensus on Demand
  14. Adri Bhattacharya, Barun Gorain, and Partha Sarathi Mandal. Treasure Hunt in Graph using Pebbles
  15. Ohad Ben Baruch and Srivatsan Ravi. The Limits of Helping in Non-Volatile Memory Data Structures
  16. Jakub Sliwinski and Roger Wattenhofer. Better Incentives for Proof-of-Work
  17. Rachel Bricker, Mikhail Nesterenko, and Gokarna Sharma. Blockchain in Dynamic Networks
Brief Announcements
  1. Siddharth Gupta, Manish Kumar, and Shreyas Pai. Distributed Reconfiguration of Spanning Trees
  2. Yoshiaki Ito, Yonghwan Kim, and Yoshiaki Katayama. Mutually-visible Uniform Circle Formation by Asynchronous Mobile Robots on Grid Plane
  3. Antonio Cruciani and Francesco Pasquale. Dynamic graph models for the Bitcoin P2P network: simulation analysis for expansion and flooding time
  4. Oskar Lundström, Michel Raynal, and Elad Michael Schiller. Self-stabilizing Total-order Broadcast
  5. Arya Gupta and Sandeep Kulkarni. Lattice Linear Problems vs Algorithms
  6. Paweł Cyprys, Shlomi Dolev, and Shlomo Moran. Self Masking for Hardening Inversions
  7. Kun Peng. Secure E-Voting For Mobile Voters
Invited Papers
  1. Arnaud Casteigts, Timothée Corsini, and Writika Sarkar. Simple, strict, proper, happy: A study of reachability in temporal graphs
  2. Yingjie Xue and Maurice Herlihy. Cross-Chain State Machine Replication
  3. Kohei Shimoyama, Yuichi Sudo, Hirotsugu Kakugawa, and Toshimitsu Masuzawa. One Bit Agent Memory is Enough for Snap-stabilizing Perpetual Exploration of Cactus Graphs with Distinguishable Cycles
  4. Andria Trigeorgi, Nicolas Nicolaou, Chryssis Georgiou, Theophanis Hadjistasi, Efstathios Stavrakis, Viveck Cadambe, and Bhuvan Urgaonkar. Towards Practical Atomic Distributed Shared Memory: An Experimental Evaluation